Podiatry Drill

Servicing & Repairs

Murray Medical has partnered with Chiropody Drill Repairs to provide affordable chiropody - podiatry drill servicing and repairs. 

Simply complete the adjacent form and we will send you our address label to send your drill for a serving and/or repair quote. 

Prices start from:

Portable Drills

Portable drills servicing starts at £30. Handpieces are dissassembled and cleaned, with any wear and tear parts replaced such as handpiece wires and bearings. Portable drills are checked electronically and any faulty components are replaced. Units are cleaned and tested fully.

Vacuum Drills

Vacuum drill servicing comes at £50, this includes full disassembly and cleaning of your control unit and handpiece. We’ll replace all parts which can suffer from wear and tear such as motor brushes and bearings. We’ll also make sure any cosmetic parts are swapped with shiny new ones when available.

Spray Drills

Spray drill servicing comes at £70, this includes dissassembly and cleaning of your handpiece and control unit. All liquid systems are descaled and cleaned where appropriate and nozzles cleared from debris and dirt. We’ll also replace wear and tear parts such as bearings and motor brushes.