Monthly Payment Plans

Murray Medical has partnered with Lease UK to provide affordable payment plans for our customers. 

For any product or combination of products over £1000 we are able to offer monthly repayments over 2-5 years.

Simply enter the price (without VAT) into our calculator to get an instant quote below.

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Fast Decisions 

Our online proposal system is linked directly to a number of our core finance partners, meaning some facilities can be approved within minutes. Decisions on the majority of proposals come within 24 hours of being submitted.

High Approval Rates 

Thanks to the relationships we’ve built up with a panel of the UK’s leading asset finance providers, we’re able to approve over 86% of all applications. For business introduced via some of our partners, that figure rises to as much as 95%.

Competitive Terms 

We use our underwriting experience to assess the market & negotiate terms, ensuring the best possible facility whilst saving you valuable time.

Dedicated Support 

We assign people as well as numbers to projects, to make sure we understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve.