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Pay-As-You-Throw Clinical Waste Services

Pay-As-You-Throw Clinical Waste Services

Our Pay-As-You-Throw clinical waste service is already trusted by 100’s of customers in the UK and is growing rapidly. Why?

Unlike traditional clinical waste companies Murray Medical do not charge in advance for waste disposal. 

Hence  – you are only charged for what you dispose – nothing else – and this makes us different  - and we like to be different. Why?

To avoid overcharging! When you pay in arrears for your waste disposal you are never overcharged on the volume and/or frequency of the waste collected. Neither are you overcharged on the ‘paperwork’ associated with clinical waste disposal. Simple?

Well we like to think so, and that why we are one of the fastest growing clinical waste brokers in the UK.

And whats more... you can view or prices and order online. Online pricing?

Yes... we are also one of the very few companies who have a transparent online pricing policy.

Enough said? Yes...

Then, we look forward to hearing from you.

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