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  1. Berchtold

    Domiciliary Package One

    Domiciliary package including autoclave, distiller, ultrasonic, case, drill & 4 sets of instruments for only £1500 +vat. FINANCE OPTIONS  CLICK HERE to request monthly payment options for this package Autoclave, Ultrasonic & Water...


    Cutiplast is a hypoallergenic adhesive non-woven post operative dressing.  The viscose/polyester wound pad is polyurethane coated to prevent adherence to the wound to provide an optimal healing environment. The dressing...

    Little Sister 11 Litre N Type Non-Vacuum Autoclave

     Available as a Purchase or Lease Purchace plan. (see pricing below) The 11 litre capacity, simple operation and fast cycles ensure the SES 2010 series autoclaves are the first choice for many...
    Sunflower Fusion Podiatry Couch
    Cool Blue
    Mid Blue
    Red Wine
    Blue Sky

    Sunflower Fusion Podiatry Couch

    Features ​Electric height adjustment Maximum user weight 250kg (40 stone) Max height 98cm + 20º Trendelenburg movement. 100mm retracting braked castors for stability and easy movement Gas assisted head and split foot...

    Cryospray 59

    CRY059 Cryospray 59 Cryosurgery Spray 300ml This product is for use by qualified medical professionals only. Cryospray 59 is designed to freeze tissue to temperatures of around -50C to achieve...

    Hapla Fleecy Foam

    Hapla All Wool Felt – Semi Compressed Made from 100% pure merino wool – Unit of 4 sheets 22.5cmx45cm Easily cut and shaped to offer excellent pressure reduction/pressure offloading to...

    Hapla Foam O Felt

    Hapla Foam-O-Felt Unit of 4 sheets 22.5cm x 45cm Pure 100% wool bonded to a closed cell latex foam surface Absorbs pressure and cushions impact forces, ideal for areas where...

    Hapla Swanfoam

    Hapla Swanfoam Unit of 4 sheets 22.5cm x 45cm Offers excellent cushioning from impact shock during gait with a closed cell latex foam layer bonded to a cotton moleskin top...

    Hapla Semi Compressed Mixture Felt

    Hapla Semi Compressed Mixture Felt Made from 70% merino wool & 30% viscose. 4 sheets 22.5cmx45cm Easily cut and shaped to offer excellent pressure reduction/pressure offloading to weight bearing areas....

    Phoenix Blu 18 Litre Vacuum Autoclave

    Autoclave Phoenix Blu 18 Litres The Phoenix Blu is an Italian manufactured desktop autoclave designed for the busy clinic. It is reliable and cost-effective, its’ out-standing performance comes from having...

    Hapla Fleecy Web - Blue

    Hapla Fleecy Web - Blue Designed to reduce friction and shearing stress from an area of skin e.g. dorsum of toes or posterior aspect of the heel Transverse stretch allows...


    Haplagauze Haplagauze 12 cotton tubular bandage is made from 100% bleached white cotton and has been extra carded to provide the softest product available. Sizes available: 00 Small Toes 01...

    Hapla Tofoam

    Hapla Tofoam Units of 12 tubes x 25cm lengths. Medical polyurethane foam on 100% cotton stockinette core Versatile and ideal for protecting digits from shearing and compressional stresses. Supplied with...

    Hapla Band

    Hapla-Band (2 Roll Pack) Thin, hypoallergenic bandage incorporating elastic threads allowing longitudinal stretch with recoveryIdeal for retention strapping with padding especially where a light compression is requiredExcellent coverage over convex...

    Hapla Chirofix

    Hapla Chirofix White, soft, transversely extendable strapping made of non-woven high tensile fabric.Hypoallergenic and strongly adhesive making Chirofix ideal as a retentive strapping for dressings and paddingSupplied on a backing...
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