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  1. Berchtold

    Hapla Band

    Hapla-Band (2 Roll Pack) Thin, hypoallergenic bandage incorporating elastic threads allowing longitudinal stretch with recoveryIdeal for retention strapping with padding especially where a light compression is requiredExcellent coverage over convex...


    Mefix® can be used to fixate a wide variety of dressings and devices to the skin – including swabs, catheters and tubes. Mefix is pre-measured in 10 cm intervals – so it’s...

    Melolin 5cm x 5cm (Box 10)

    Melolin is a highly absorbent cotton and acrylic fibre pad, which is heat bonded on one side to a very thin perforated polyester film.  Melolin dressing features: Non adherent perforated film which...

    Inadine Dressings 5cm X 5cm (Box 25)

    Inadine Dressings 5cm X 5cm (Box 25) A topical wound dressing impregnated with an ointment containing 10% povidone iodine.  Designed to protect the wound even if infected.

    Kaltostat 5cm x 5cm (Box 10)

    Absorbant haemostatic wound dressing. Composed entirely of calcium-sodium alginate fibre. Sterile.

    Hapla Chirofix

    Hapla Chirofix White, soft, transversely extendable strapping made of non-woven high tensile fabric.Hypoallergenic and strongly adhesive making Chirofix ideal as a retentive strapping for dressings and paddingSupplied on a backing...


    Haplagauze Haplagauze 12 cotton tubular bandage is made from 100% bleached white cotton and has been extra carded to provide the softest product available. Sizes available: 00 Small Toes 01...

    Mepore Dressings 6cm X 7cm

    Mepore Self-Adhesive Absorbent Dressing 6cm X 7cm (60) Self adhesive absorbent dressing. Mepore combines gentle and secure fixation with excellent absorption properties and ease of us
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